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Welcome to my site! Please feel free to
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the galleries! Sorry for the poor layout
but I'm under renovations again!

Hopefully I'll get this fixed up as soon
as I figgure out how to!

I guess that's all so go ahead and look

- Ranzatsu


26th September 1998
Finally the holidays. But all my Ranma 1/2 Merchanise is still with my friends. FLIP!!!!! GIVE ME MY BOOKS BACK!!! I did get hold of about 6 hours of Ranma 1/2 on tape. The only problem is, i can't put it on my pewter and if i did it's all in Cantonese. Still, been listening to the DoCo album and it's good :) I'm changing the page around a bit.. And i'm quite sad because Jing has gone overseas. But she says she's getting something that's related to Ranma for me :) okay.. Ja ne!
6th September 1998
Removed counter... Taking way too long to load and is stuffing up.
Added Blue Ribbon thingo onto page...
I spent all last night on the net looking at other Ranma 1/2 sites and have a few good links that I'll soon have on this page. At least my Links page will be actually updated. :) Well, If you're like me and like Ukyou the best, then here's a great site I found. It hasn't been updated lately but it's still a great site! There are over 110 images and other things to do with Ukyou including her Okonomiyaki recipie! Have a look at The Spatula!
5th September 1998
Okay.. Scanning pewter is totally screwed. TOTALLY! *Sigh* Don't ask why.. Well it's not like anyone really reads this part of the page anyway.. And if they do then they're going to send mail? Ha!! Sorry.. Well yeah, blah blah blah... :) I found a page called The Spatula and it's all about Ukyou. Found a web ring too and decided it might be a good idea to join it. K.. I'll put the link up soon but I really have to fix up a few things
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