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Da Weirdo Page

Welcome to
Da Weirdo's Page in Sydney, home of the 2000 Games!

Welcome !

Hello there, ! Welcome to my house! While you are here you can:

Search the Internet
See what my friends are doing
Find out more about Da Weirdo
Look at what's around?

Excuse the renovations. Recently I was going to enter the Site Fights but I didn't get a reply and I haven't had the time to re-enter. Maybe next time. Soon, hopefully, I'll have some different stuff up here. So make yourself at home and look around. If you want to, you can go up the elevator to see my apartment in Fortune City, that i share with my flat-mate Dr Krazh, but if the elevator doesn't work then try the stairs. You can also visit my sister who lives in Geocities over there down near where my old home used to be. Or you could visit one of Fortune City's new user, Amay. Well stay a while anyway. Spend the afternoon here if you want. Or a day or too, but please come back one day to visit me again. I'll always have something new or different floating around here. Oh, I almost forgot, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign my guestbook!! If it takes too long then just click the button below to leave your mark with me.

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I found a counter! Recently i set the number to the same as my LE counter so it's missing most of it's data.

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Copyright 1996, 1997. That means you're not supposed to copy stuff of this page... If you want an image or something just ask and I'll probably be more than happy to give it to you :)
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I'm a line! Hehehe!

Page Created by Mykal (Abrewence). Last updated: 9th October 1997


I use a Banksia Modem to connect to the Net...

Thanx for coming! Hope you had a nice stay!