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Da Weirdo Page

Welcome to
Da Weirdo's Page in Sydney, home of the 2000 Games!

Hello there, ! Welcome to my house! Two Words:
I found out how to use frames! A non Frames version is at While you are here you can:

See what Me and my friends look like - My god! It's HORRIBLE!!!!
Search the Internet - Search for this and search for that...
See what my friends are doing - People from my skool and abour the 'net
Find out more about Da Weirdo - All about me!
Look at what's around? - See the sights! See everything!! with over 1000 links, you can't go wrong!!

Bart getting into mischiefAs you may of noticed Smeg if pretty much everywhere.... What is Smeg? That's for me to know and for you to find out! Nah, It originates from Red Dwarf. One of the best shows on ABC (da da da!) of course if you don't come from Australia you may have no idea of what I'm talking about.. Arrg forget it! Please have a look at my apartment in Fortune City, that i share with my flat-mate Dr Krazh, but if the elevator doesn't work then try the stairs. My sister lives in Geocities over there down near where my old home used to be. Have a look at Amay's page. "Good stuff" :) Since you're here can you sign my guestbook? It'll only take a little while... PLEASEEEEE???

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This page is best viewed with a computer and a moniter but Netscape 3.0+ is also another thing you could use so DOWNLOAD it NOW!
Credit to Melissa Lee for all the "Schtuff" she helped me with and for being my great sister. =) See? Isn't it great that you have a brother?
Has the page stopped loading?? Hmm.. Well if you scroll down real fast it stops here... Weird huh...? ;)

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Warning: Contents of page may cause hospitalization. I am not responsible for the outcome of your visit to this page.

Copyright 1996, 1997. That means you're not supposed to copy stuff of this page... If you want an image or something just ask and I'll probably be more than happy to give it to you :)
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I'm a line! Hehehe!

Page Created by Mykal (Abrewence). Last updated: 5th January 1998


I use a Banksia Modem to connect to the Net...

Thanx for coming! Hope you had a nice stay!

Nobody calls me that!!!