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A Little Note from my Little Jingy Wingy!

Hello Jingy Wingy :)

"Hi, it's me. But you can't hear my voice and I don't know if you can recognise my writing yet So it's Jing. I'm half asleep right now so sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes. After I hung up the phone... I hung up because you kept picking it up! :P I went down & did my piano. I thought & thought & thought until 15mins had passed because I didn't know whether to give you this present on Valentines day or your birthday. I felt really bad after you gave me those beautiful roses this morning. They're at my bedside table right now [right way up smiley face which i can't draw]. And your family thought I was impolite too & I basically just felt bad about it. I hope you like the present but it's nothing romantic [Sad smiley] I'm sorry, but I've made a mess of things. If you're reading this on Monday, I don't think U can call me because I have to do 2 hours practise. I still love U tho [Happy Smiley]... So I'm going to give this to u on the last minute... I think. What I thought I'd do is give it to U when your bus comes. Then U won't have to be near me when U open the present. If I gave it to u at some other time of the day you'd just open it secretly if I told U not to. At least that's what I think you would've done. I'm not sure [Very faint .] I know my birthday isn't placed at the best times for U, but what you gave me today is enough. If you haven't got me anything yet, try not to okay? [o looks like a b] I think I meant okay back there. I can sne ... wait ... Smell the roses. It's really really nice. I'm not sure what you're thinking these days but if u ever think I don't love U, even for a second, know that once again, you're wrong [Happy Smiley] I'll always love you, no matter how far apart we are. You have nothing to worry abot...about...(nyeh)
Love, your Jingy"

Everything here is written exactly as you wrote it... Punctuation and all :) Me not get you anything??? :( poe... mm, then you'd better not get me anything... :) I'm going to take you out for your birthday.. So where do you want to go? :) Don't worry either, No matter how sad I may be, or how bad things may be, or how frustrated I am, or anything else in the world that could be terrible or bad or good or whatever, I will always love you. I won't ever run off with another person, I won't ever do anything to hurt you on purpose, but I will always love you... No matter what things are like, I will always love you. My little Jingy Wingy.. :)

From your Little Pikelet