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My Friends!

Welcome to Psychoville!
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Annette on the Net
Amay - One of my friends at skool.
If you feel that I've left you out (which I prolly have since I didn't spend too much time on this page) then Email me

Skool People!

Ok, if you're looking at this from one of the terminals at Girraween High then I guess you're looking for either your name here of a link for your page. Ok then.. email me at and ask me. These emails are monitered will send auto replies so if you mail bomb, it has a mirror effect (that is is sends info back to you like you send me a message i send you one.. ) This will cause your server to crash. Don't try it. IP numbers are also tracked and logged, if you are thinking about IP Spoofing to get other people in trouble think again. Many measures have been taken to secure that Girraween High School, World Reach, Geocities, Fortune City and Tripod are safe from such trouble. If trouble rises to a point where it is getting unbearable for servers you may be Barred, Denied Access, Restricted Access or even a total Site Ban
Ok, here we go....

In order in Skool Photos

Row 7 From LEFT to RIGHT: Sameer Malik, Hong Yue, Nash Kershaw, Blake Roberts, Matthew Lo, Daniel Earnshaw, Jeffrey Chung, Paul Chalker, David Readon, Richard Harris, Benson He, Matthew Park, Andrew Huynh, Jordan Overlunde, Stephen Helmstedt, Jeffrey Ma, Gordan Starkey.

Row 6 From LEFT to RIGHT: Joyce Auyeung, Nazire/Ozlem Degerli, Elisabeth Hammond, Branislava Milovanovic, Katrina Iseley, Connie Wu, Natalie Watson, Kimberley McDonald, Mary Shayeb, Kate Ferguson, Jin Jin/Jenny Yang, Angela Cheung, Emily Ray, Katrina Drennan, Lana Morgan, Grace Auyeung, Dimity McQueen.

Row 5 From LEFT to RIGHT: Nathan Chere, Peter Dharmalingam, Frederick Ilagan, Joel cannotprenouncethelastname (Atputharaj), Murat Ogut, Nathaniel Gough, Ken Carey, Phillip/FLIP/FLIPPIT/FLOP Ly, Phillip Henschke, Bryan Li, Ray Gunnawan, Scott Barton, James Lee Grant Barnes, Anthony Head, Lachlan Burke, Grant Phillips, Owen Craft.

Row 4 From LEFT to RIGHT: Krystle Dolman, Tracy Wong, Jian Xu, Jenny Song, Gabriela Pulczynski, Jing Ji, Linda Robinson, Jayne Campbell, Amy Bullen, Julie Kim, Grace Chung, Min Gymn, Kylee Truswell, Elisha Babooram, Sivashna Naidu, Holly Morgan, Jenny Ko, Tamara Kuppusamy, Laura Howard

Row 3 From LEFT to RIGHT: Sam (yeh, yeh, not SAMUEL!) Stockwell, Faiz Mitha, Peter Hassmann, Steven (Boxy) Capouski, Steven Baveas, Irwin Burbage, Michael Gray, Nicholas Keast, Daniel Lee, Alister McKinley, Joshua Marcus, Mykal/Michael Lee (no relation to Daniel or James Lee), Adam List, Thomas Robinson, Dylan Walters, Adam Dummett, Christopher Jones, Vincent Ho

Row 2 From LEFT to RIGHT:Patrick Tsang, Brendon/Earnest Prentice, James Gallardo/Gallando =), James Cresswell (Left GHS), Stuti Sethi (STUTI DID IT!), Rebecca/Anthony Laurence/Head, Vivienne Li, Prue Vickery, Thanh-Mai Deip, Jane Corless, Bethany Rowland, Javeria Khan, Mariana Chan, Sarah Cullen, Amay Tembe, Nam Le, Christian/Chris/Ian/T Ilagas (Dr Krazh)

Row 1 From LEFT to RIGHT: Agnes Lee (no relation to any other Lee's), Miriam Lentern, Aditi Vedi, Cindy Chan, Carol Chu, Thavone (The Phone) Shaw, Janice Khoo, Natasha Marek, Anjali Roberts, Patricia Leung, Joy Francisco (I'm sorry.. The Carrot IS better than the STICK! ), Jean Vergara, Lixin Wang, Harshika Wickremarachchi

Absent: N/A
Photo By Fotomakers Australia
Year 8 1997.

Note: The photo was taken down, due to a lack in interest and since i've lost a whole lotta disk space... :( Well if you want it back up, hmm... I'll see what i can do..
Now that you've seen my friends, would you kindly step this way