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The FUNKY survey

I really need to get this survey done so I can finish my assignment which was due last week... if i don't get it done i get a detention... please send your results to!! Thanks!
Should the net be censored?
1. Age 2. Sex 3. Do you think the net should be censored? 4. Why? 5. Do you have access to the net? 6. If so, what do you use it for and for how long? 7. If the net must be censored, who must it be censored by? 8. What material should be censored on the net if any? 9. Do you think there is a lack of control on the issue? And why? 10. Highest Level Edu. 11. Martial Status 12. Occupation Thanks again!
Michael Lee - 15th September 1998 20:22