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Duke of Ed Hike Photographs - 14th December 2000 - 19th December 2000


Sleepy Hong and the Iron Man food
It was early morning, and sleepy Hong was getting ready for the upcoming days

We're going!! We're going!!!
Well on a cold morning we all gathered around and watched other groups dissapear into the bush... It was the beginning of a journey into something like hell I suppose....

We got some of the best views, and I'm sure you all know it feels better when you're there.

The Ford on the first day
But there were also a few things we had to cross like one of these fords, although it could have helped to the bridge to the left... Anyone remember that?

Anyone know what that red thing is?
And lots more views... Aren't we supposed to climb that thing in two days???

Ouch ouch ouch...
Although after a while, feet started to look more like what the Duff described as 'hamburger'

It's here, not here!!!
At times we got a little disorientated, and stuck in the middle of nowhere...

Rollon repellant!
And the bugs got just a little annoying...

Mmmm! Food!!!
But there were times where we all got together and just ate lotsa food for the next upcoming days where...

We were jumping over rivers...

Grrr... SHARP!
Wading through them...

And more wading... Wasn't that fun?

Hey guys!!! Wait up!!!
And sometimes it seemed like we were all by ourselves on this long long journey..

Nice legs Paul...
But we'd get there someday, we knew we'd get there, scratches or not

Improvised laundry line
And even after we'd escaped our mothers, there was still the laundry to be put out! (look a little lower)

And then we had to get firewood and such for the fire.. duh..

Old mine ruins It's as close to home water as you can find
But other campsites were somewhat better than others.. Including piped water!

Ben: We shall lead our troops out!
But we always had to press on, with someone in the team always giving some motivation.

Hong: 'I am invincible!'
Until we somehow found ourselves up all alone on a mountain top...

And everyone came up together!

'Shake it to the left'
And if you looked left, you saw beautiful scenery...

'Shake it to the right'
And to the right, the same again.

Eeee!!!! :)
But we would be happy when we got to the top

'We three kings have travelled so far'
But then it was time to be leaving...

Bye bye!
So we all said our goodbyes...

Goooo Team!
And took memories together, remembering our teams... Team 3!
(Candice, Ben, Deborah, Michael, Hong, Steven)

- Mykal

See you all at the reunion!