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- Opressed People (FF7 - Wall Street Theme)
Title Pic created by Michael Lee '00

First off... Sorryy!!!!! This page may contain pictures which to some extent might embarress some people. If you feel some of the pictures or captions are inappropriate, please notify me and I'll remove/change them immediately. This page is not meant to offend and is merely just a 'funny' page. You have been warned.
3 Images were removed as by request. Sorry.

Fred doing something... different
Freddy being happy...... I can't even remember taking this pic...

Josh and James
Joshua (left) and James (right) giving it the 'Manpower Australia' Pose... Ohkay, maybe I was drunk that night...

Joshua.. Is he singing?
Ooohhh..... Yet another nice pic of Josh... What did I have that night?!?

James posing
And James too!! Wooooo!!!!!

Four girls sitting on a log
The girls, utterly confused... Except for Cindy. Eeeeiii! From left to right: Elizabeth, Cindy, Grace C and Jian

The Guys
The Guys Room.... Hehehe.. ? Backrow from L to R: Fred, Mario (where are you looking?) Bryan, Hong, Me. Middle from L to R: James, Joshua. Bottom left: Amboo

Oh my gosh... It's Patrick... With an Afro!!!! MUUuuuuuaaahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Where did I put that?
And here's what he actually looks like... hehe.. What are you looking for anyhow Pat?

Can you see my tonsils???! Oh no...

First off, No, I'm not gay, okay? I just have a strange sense of humor! More pics coming as soon as I find space and time to scan them to my server!

Graphics and art by Michael Lee.

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