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Rage 158

I love that amplifier. So small, yet so powerful. Peavey mades good stuff. Oh well..

Okay, you're this far, that's good, you're getting somewhere at least.
You are looking at the first few pages to the words I always wanted to say before I went. Well, they're here now, but in order for you to read them only when I want you to, there are a few things you needed to answer. Many of these things you won't know by yourself. It may mean asking around. Usually I'll give you a hint, although vague, and one of you will know what I'm talking about. Otherwise there is generally a way to find out. eg, my amplifier. If you couldn't remember, I gave you enough details for you to just look up all their models on the net and try them in the answer window.

Anyway, here's the first thing: The file itself is encrypted so you will need a decrypter program that you can download from here.


You must be in DOS. If you don't know Dos, I don't think you've got much of a chance of opening this. That's mainly to keep my parents and sister away from what they don't know. Don't worry, nothing personal.
Put D.exe in your windows directory (don't have to do that in DOS)
Get your Dos prompt.
To decrypt a file type the following: D /D abc xyz
Where abc is the file you want to decrypt and xyz is the output from the file
Encrypting is basically the same only use the /E switch instead of /D
You'll need a passphrase and the actual file to view what I've written. They'll come later.

Feel like you're still up to it? If I'm still alive, don't bother, I really need to be dead for this to all work.

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