The Black Knights
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Welcome to The Black Knights web page, hosted by the one and only, Dharkness. The Black Knights are a group of Warcraft II fanatics whom have formed an alliance against other clans such as "Tha Goot Guyz." TBK were formed a while ago when some guy (Dharkness) thought it might be pretty kewl if he and his friends played War II on the iNet through Kali/Kali '95 Though being limited to 15 minutes we still played and even though we had server problems, we still played. Finally we were formed into two clans: "The Black Knights" and "Tha Goot Guyz" It's pretty much just plain fun but what goes on during the game is different. Like a different virtual space where conspiracy, espionarge, mischief and among other things, plotting, is always going on in the background It's more than a game. It's like government ruling. You are in my city so you do what i say. Meanwhile we march our troops to the edge of the universe just to kill each other in a vain attempt to proove something that we cannot. We are,

The Black Knights.



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